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Charlene Keel

What I’m All About

When I was in the third grade, I read Little Women and decided to become a famous author. By the time I was in fifth grade I was sitting at my mom’s typewriter, hammering out what I knew would be a bestseller. In high school I started sending stories to magazines and getting encouraging comments from editors, scribbled on rejection slips.

At twenty-one, while I was working as a flight attendant, I sold a short story and a two-part serial to Teen Magazine. A few years later Leisure Books (now Dorchester) published my first five books and my stewardess career came to an end.

My next job as a publicist for Columbia Pictures Television put me in touch with producers who hired me to write episodes of Fantasy Island and Days Of Our Lives, and even turned one of my books (Rituals) into a TV series. It ran five nights a week for a year in the U.S. and for two more years in France.

Since then I’ve worked steadily as a writer, doing everything from press releases, to editing magazines, to TV scripts, to ghostwriting. My most memorable experience was working as Convention Coordinator for Romantic Times (where I produced and directed the first Mr. Romance Cover Model Pageant).

Most recently, J. Gabriel Gates and I sold our YA trilogy, The Tracks, to HCI Books/HCI Teens. Dark Territory was released in 2011, followed by Ghost Crown in 2012 and Shadow Train in 2013. All three books got rave reviews and Shadow Train won second place in the Paranormal Romance Guild’s Reviewer’s Choice Awards.

My favorite books to read are historicals, or anything by Stephen King. I enjoy writing YA fiction, contemporary romance, chick lit, and especially historical romance; and I’d like to do more paranormal and time travel books.  I like to think I have my own style but I’m also good at imitating others (which makes me an excellent ghost writer).

I’m fascinated with string theory, alternate universes, fringe science and UFOlogy and would love to do novels that explore those ideas. My ultimate dream is to live in a quiet country town and immerse myself in creating unforgettable fiction.

All in all, it has been a great ride. Someone once asked what it would take to get me to stop writing. I realized there is only one answer: When they pry the pen (or keyboard) from my cold, dead hands.


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