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Dark Territory Gets New Cover

March 13, 2012

J. Gabriel Gates and I are getting rave reviews for Dark Territory but the book is not selling as well as expected. Could it be the cover? My co-author and I think that has a lot to do with it and we urged our publisher, HCI Books, to change the cover on the Kindle version, at least, and they obliged. Which cover do you like best? The old cover is on the left; the new one on the right. Which one would make you want to flip it over and read the back cover blurb?

Dark Territory

Dark Territory New Cover

Dark Territory

Dark Territory old cover

My Co-Author, J. Gabriel Gates

July 7, 2011


My first blog entry absolutely must be a salute to my co-author, J. Gabriel Gates. Working with him on The Tracks series has been one of the best experiences in my career, even though we never set foot in the same room during the process—and part of the time we were in two different countries.

Jacob has an amazing, exciting talent and unlimited creativity. It is a joy to work with him—even during those rare occasions that our creative conflict matches the kung fu throw-downs in our books. But somehow we always manage to behave like professionals and resolve our differences in record time.

There’s also a vast difference in our ages (later, I’ll reveal how we met). When my last novel came out, there was no Internet. Can you believe we did all promotion with snail mail, fax and phone? To have such an immediate response from readers and critics is wonderful and we are delighted with the reviews coming in for Dark Territory.

It’s also fun to get questions and comments from readers like, “Who’s going to play Raphael in the movie?” and “Emma Roberts should definitely play Aimee, and Dakota Fanning should be Maggie.”

There’s no movie in the works yet, but our agent will soon be pitching it as a TV series so if you have any ideas who you’d like to see playing your favorite characters, please email me with your suggestions and I’ll be sure to pass them on. And, once I figure out how to work this blog, I’ll open the door for your comments.

Now that we’ve finished Ghost Crown (book 2 in the series) I can finally watch the season finale of Fringe. I’ve been saving it to savor (and to make my Fringe withdrawal easier to bear until the new season starts). And I am just as much in love with Steven Spielberg’s Falling Skies on TNT—just can’t get enough of this new Noah Wylie treat!