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UFO Politicians

flying-saucer4In our current vast crop of presidential candidates, it’s easy to spot the UFO politicians. No, I don’t mean candidates who are interested in unidentified flying objects and who want to help us find the truth—if it’s really out there. In this case, UFO stands for Unilaterally Frightening and Outrageous (or Oppressive)—and it’s easy to spot them.

In writing the character of Mitchell Bancroft, the smarmy politician in The Congressman’s Wife, Arie Pavlou and I drew on our observations of political campaigns over the years, and news reports about the indiscretions and shenanigans of a few of the candidates.

True, politicians are no different than the rest of us when it comes to human foibles. They eat, sleep, laugh, cry, hate and love, just like the rest of us—but when you add inflated egos, ambition and greed to the mix some of them become truly frightening.

The saving grace is that in this country, we all get a vote. Instead of moaning and groaning and complaining about them, we have the power to choose our best leaders. In order to make that vote count (and not end up with leaders like Mitchell Bancroft), we have to get off our duffs and go cast that vote.

It’s really important, now more than ever. Don’t forget to vote. The power for change is at your fingertips.


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